We aim to provide the highest standard of service to all our clients. If at any time you wish to make an enquiry or make a complaint either in writing or verbally, in connection with any matter concerning the service you have received from Iris we believe that in most cases these can be resolved to your satisfaction in conjunction with your normal contacts at Iris.

Iris’s Compliance Officer will investigate your complaint, unless they are the subject of the complaint and in this case the Iris CEO will investigate the complaint.

You can make a complaint by contacting the Iris Compliance Officer on:


Compliance Officer, Iris Insurance Brokers Ltd,
The Baxter Building,
80 Baxter Avenue,
Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS2 6HZ

+44 (0) 2031 787872

Iris will aim to resolve your complaint the same day of receipt or if this is not possible within three business days of receipt.

In the unlikely event that Iris cannot resolve your complaint straightway, Iris will within five business days of receipt of the complaint it will send you an acknowledgement and were possible fully resolve your complaint.

Iris will always aim to resolve your complaint as soon as possible.

When we have investigated your complaint fully, Iris will send you a written response.

  • If Iris can’t resolve your complaint within four weeks, Iris will contact you with a reason why.
  • If Iris can’t resolve your complaint within eight weeks, Iris will send you:

a. A Resolution; or
b. A Response which:

*Confirms and explains that Iris is not in a position to make a response;

*Provides reasons for the further delay and tells you when Iris are likely to provide a response; and if appropriate provide details of referral rights to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are dissatisfied with the delay. FOS website: http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/default.htm 

A copy of Iris’s internal complaints procedure is available on request.

Lloyd’s of London Policyholders

You may if you choose, refer your complaint to Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s will investigate and provide a final response. Please visit the below area of their website and select UK or Outside UK as appropriate.


For clarity if you remain dissatisfied with Lloyd’s final response, you may, if eligible, refer your complaint to the Ombudsman.